I’ve Just Finished Re-Upholstered Click- Back Couch & Chair Ottoman Set for Expo

IMG_6829For the last two weeks. I have been working very hard re-upholstering a click back couch and chair with matching ottoman for the upcoming Expo Antique Show in Portland, Oregon.    When I found this set I was really excited because I have had over the years click back couches that I have re upholstered and click back chairs by themselves, but never have I had a completed grouping.  It has beautiful lines and is so very comfortable to sit on.

IMG_6837-001I choose two fabrics that complement each other.    The back of the seat and the arm rest is circular deco fabric with green, blue, teal turquoise and white in it.  The seat and back is with a matching green shade of texture fabric.  The matching ottoman is all the matching green fabric.

The set was originally upholstered in pink jacquard fabric.IMG_6807IMG_6806





The chair and ottoman I re-upholstered at my home, but the couch was done up in Molalla at Mark and Sheryl Zahar’s place, who own Russellville Antiques.  Sheryl had never upholstered before and she said it was really fun helping and watching me bring this couch back to life.    The mechanisms on both the chair and the couch work beautifully for reclining them.  The couch reclines all the way, while the chair reclines half way back and then it can click again and reclines all the way down to the flat position.  IMG_6834

IMG_6832IMG_6831The pieces all have roller wheelers that allow the pieces to be moved easily and quickly into any place desirable.


Come see this set in Timeless Antiques booth at the Christine Palmer’s Antique Show on July 16th and 17th in Space G 46, 47.

Beautiful Teak Furniture

Our newest addition to our Mid Century selection is three new pieces of Danish made teak furniture.  For sale! In our mid century furniture area we have  this stunning, large, mid century modern Danish teak credenze with sought-after tambour doors. This piece is in excellent condition. There is one interior drawer in the center and adjustable shelves o each end.

Large Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Credenza with Tambour Doors Manufacturer on Back

Large Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Credenza with Tambour Doors Manufacturer on Back


. On the back is manufacturer markings with Made in Denmark. The piece is 79 long, 18 1/4 wide, 31 1/4 ” tall.

For sale! In our mid century furniture area we have this lovely Danish teak credenza bottom with sliding glass doors china cabinet top. It is two separate pieces.

Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Credenza w/ China Cabinet Hutch

Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Credenza w/ China Cabinet Hutch


The top has two drawers under the sliding glass doors and the adjustable shelf inside the glass doors. The bottom has four drawers in the middle with the first one having the dividers in it for storing your silverware and on either side of the drawers are sliding teak doors with adjustable shelves inside It is in excellent condition.

65″ height, 16 5/8″ deep x 65″ long


For Sale!! 52″ Round IMG_6716 JK Made in Danmark Teak table with 3 leaves that latch together for firm fitting and eight side chairs with original finish and original fabric.  On the inside of the table is the company markings.  The leaves are 19 5/8′ wide.

Big Names in Mid Century Glass and Barware

Waundering thru Timeless Antiques is a real educational learning experience.  As a glass dealer, who specializes in glassware from the depression era to the 70’s, Barbara has a unbelievable array of spectacular glassware in all colors, styles, age, and brands. The 50’s and 60’s were a very social time with card parties, barbeques, social get  togethers and it was important for the party planner  to be the best hostess possible with all the correct bar ware and formal or non formal presentations. IMG_6723 You had such glass companies as Libbey, Federal,  Hazel Atlas/Hazelware,  and Anchor Hockings IMG_6595IMG_6725design  chip and dip sets, snack sets, and desert/sandwich plates.  Designer bar and glassware decorated and labeled by Culver, LTD,  George Bri’ard,  Fred Press, Dorothy Thorpe platinum wares can be found.IMG_6720IMG_6729IMG_6717   Home  of  art design Murano Glass blown pieces, Blenko, Pilgrim and Viking, Rainbow Art Glass were unique  and colorful decorative wares.


IMG_6724Glass companies made glassware that matched a particular drink, such as Tom Collins, Pilsners, Old fashioned, brandy inhaler, specific cocktail glassesIMG_6726 with matching cocktail pitcher and glass stirrer.    Cocktail shakers with outstanding graphics and drink recipes on them.

Largest Selection of Mid Century Lamps with Original Fiberglass Shades

For those customers who are decorating their newly purchased ranch style home that was built in the mid century modern period and is looking for original lamps that were used in the decor of that time, come to Timeless Antiques in Aurora.  One of our specialties is lighting fixtures.  Whether it is a table lamp, a floor lamp,  IMG_5710or swag we carry an enormous selection to choose from. IMG_5721IMG_5722  We are always out looking for floor lamps, table lamps, swag and wall lamps that are unique and original to the time period.   IMG_5713-002Condition is just one of the priorities that we use in helping us make our selection for the items that we feature here.  We also want original fiberglass shades and ceramic bases that were definitely found in homes of that era.IMG_5706-002   Customers are amazed at the selection of choices that are available for them to purchase.  We have ten pairs of matching lamps with matching fiberglass shades.IMG_5716-002  Plus, another thirty single lamps of a variety of styles.  Plus, we have really been on the hunt for some really cool deco floor lamps, and have found matching floor lamp with table lamps. IMG_5708-002IMG_5709-002 We have some figural lamps, vanity lamps, and desk style lamps.    We have lamps that have the turn on/off switch connected on the lamp post.   By turning the switch on the lamp post the lamp lights up.  IMG_5707-002 They have the original fiberglass double shade with metal floral flowers attached to them..  Another of the floor lamp is oriental in style with a fiberglass brim shade with oriental style design that tilts and the fiberglass base that the electric socket is attached in and lights up like a torch lamp.   Lastly, we have a two other very unique ceramic base floor lamps one in black and gold and the other white and gold with brass fixtures  with the original two tier fiberglass shade.  IMG_5712-002Many of the single lamps are in  popular colors of that time frame such as; pink, turquoise, black, green, gold-yellow, teal.  These lamps would look lovely in any room of your house.  Most are pottery bases with very art deco or atomic looks.  We even have a Blenko glass lamp bases with the  fiberglass shades.IMG_5718-002


Many of our table pairs have matching cloth or fiberglass shades that are one tier, two tier or three even.    IMG_5715-002IMG_5717-002     All original in excellent condition and working.  With all the choices that our buyers will have, they are going to have a great time choosing and decorating that special area in their mid century home with just the look that they have been hunting for.



Large Selection of Heywood Wakefield Mid Century Modern Furniture

Timeless Antiques has been out onIMG_5230 the hunt for name brand vintage furniture.  One brand that we have spent a great of energy on finding is the manufacturer of Heywood Wakefield  high quality furniture.    For sale in our shop is this lovely student desk with dog bone side chair.  Champagne finish.  The desk has 3 drawers and bookshelf on right side end.

In their wheat and champagne finish, our customers will find that we have  IMG_4817several different styles of coffee cocktail table with matching side end tables.  One grouping is the Aristocraft design that was produced from 1954 to 1955. IMG_5231 The other is the M392G square cocktail table with glass and the M308G step end table pair.  This set has the same finish and came together in the champagne finish.

We have several other single living room pieces IMG_5233such as the square M307G style coffee cocktail IMG_5236table and the  N 795G rectangle large cocktail coffee table.   Plus, the M317G  pair of end tables, and a IMG_4824square corner table. IMG_5235



For your dining room, we have the M190 narrow china cabinet with the server bottom and adjustable shelves hutch top with plate glass doors.  This IMG_3274is in the original champagne finish from 1948 to 1950. The  two adjustable shelves have plate rack lines for displaying that pretty set of china or glassware.  The bottom has a drawer with a two door storage area with one shelf on a platform bottom.

We found the Rio vanity dresserIMG_3997 with the vanity pouffe revolving bench that was produced in 1946.

We have a unique M394G Drop Leaf Service Cart that was produced from 1951 – 1952.  It is a hard piece to find and can be very useful for serving cockails or dessert.  When fully open IMG_4647it can be an extra table for the breakfast nook in the kitchen.  Fully open it is 48″ x 38″.  This piece is fitted with ball-bearing caster wheels with a roomy lower shelf.




Aurora’s 5th Wine and Chocolate Walk December 5th and 6th 2015


AURORA WINE AND CHOCOLATE WALK…………………………………On Saturday, December 5th and Sunday December 6th, our Aurora 5th Annual Wine and Chocolate Walk will be happening.  Tour the historic antique district of Aurora, Oregon tasting local wines and artisan chocolates at six to nine locations.  $39 for a wine and IMG_0138chocolate walk for two.  Choose between the following dates——-Saturday, December 5th or Sunday, December 6th.  Guests lead themselves on a tasting tour of local wines throughout Aurora’s historic district.  Sip different local wines—out of a souvenir glass—paired with artisan chocolates at each stop.  You’ll also receive value five Aurora Bucks gift certificates, each good for $3 worth to spend on $10 merchandise, plus a souvenir shopping bag.  Some proceeds from the tour go to benefit local charities, including Habitat for Humanity and the Aurora Historical Society.