New Selection of MCM Heywood-Wakefield Furniture Is Being Featured at Timeless

Heywood-Wakefield’s Modern Line that was produced from the 1940’s to early 1960’s was made of birch and the most common finishes were either Wheat or Champagne.   It is fairly easy to identify, if not by their distinctive styling but also by pieces that might have their original labels, stamp markings, date stamps, or color finish styling number that were placed upon the pieces at the time of production.Timeless Antiques has a nice selection of side tables, corner tables and cocktail tables for the livingroom.  Most of our pieces are in the champagne finish.   The set below was produced from, 1956 to 1958.  The cocktail table M1580 G has sculpted guardrails to prevent cocktails from falling over the edge.  The side tables M 1584 G has the same guardrails on the top shelf of the two tier pieces.  They remind me of fins which of course was vey popular at the time on cars produced by the big car makers  Chevy, Ford, Oldsmobile, Pontiac .

Below is a pair of two tier side table in model M 308 G with their classic spider legs.Most of the side tables were two tier however, Heywood-Wakefield designed a three tier table C3753G in the surfboard style with a bottom shelf that had built in bookends which was very popular and still is to today’s consumer.
Available is two different styles of 2 tier Corner Tables  CM970G and M338 G.
An extremely popular cocktail table was the M1576G round table that has the Heywood-Wakefield signature spider legs with a revolving top. It was made from 1956 to 1961.

Timeless Antiques has the Rio Bedroom set available with a pair of twin beds that put together can be made into a king size bed.  Pair of night stands and the Rio Dresser C791-795 with a round mirror.  Designer was Leo Jiranek  A round mirror was very uncommon above a Heywood dresser.  This set was produced from 1943 to 1944.


Heywood-Wakefield dining rooms offered a great range of possibilities.   Drop leaf style tables and extension tables gave the consumer flexibility within choosing what would look right in their dining room area.    Their tables were made to expand for different situations.  Credenzas, buffets and servers were sold with or without china tops to allow the consumer to choose what style would compliment their table and chair selection. 

At Timeless, we try to carry a large selection of different styles that would enhance your dining room area.    We have 3 tables with chairs in our show room, but have eight more that can be made ready to feature.   At this time, we have the large extension table C4154 G which is fitted with two leaves and six upholstery chairs (4 side chairs M157 A and two side arm chairs M157 C).   Then we have the Junior Extension Table M1569 G which only were sold with one leaf .  The Junior tables were made for the consumer who wanted a smaller dining room table that would hold four chairs nicely around it but could extend out one more leaf to have 6 sit comfortably.    Around the Junior Table are a set of 6 chairs.  Two have side arm chair M157C and 4 M152A Side Chairs with matching upholstery.  We have a smaller table that Heywood named their Gaming Dining Table M787 G.  This was made from 1952 -53 and the sides drop down and extends to 88″ with four 12″ leaves inserted.  This table has a center leg for support when it is extended out to it fullest.  Six upholstered chairs with original fabric are placed around this table.  (two side arms and four side chairs).    We  have the M 592 Buffet that has 3-drawers and fitted with two adjustable shelves in each cabinet compartment.  In the original champagne finish, Timeless has the China top on Server M175 on M590.  this was Heywood-Wakefield’s most heavily produced item.  It allows the display of china while occupying only 34″ of floor space.    Heywood made a very unique Drop Leaf Service Cart M394G from 1951-1952.  It was useful for serving cocktails or deserts, but because of it’s uniqueness it also made an excellent breakfast table for an eat-in kitchen when the sides were raised and placed stationary.

Heywood-Wakefield did not specifically make furniture for particular rooms , but made accessory items that rounded out the Modern Line and could be used in the office or work area.   One of the successful pieces was the M 783W Student Desk that was a useful design that accommodated the usage of a bookcase on one side.    It was finished all the way around so that it could be up against a wall or in the middle of the room.  The set that is available at Timeless has the original finish and has the M 1561 A Side Chair.  Barbara put new upholstery fabric on the chair seat as the original was stained but the wood is still in the original finish.


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