Follow up on 8-21-2017 Solar Eclipse in Aurora, Oregon at Timeless Antiques

The day was gorgeous and the people were energized. We were in the band and people were coming from everywhere.   People began arriving before 6 in the morning and as they either biked or drove into Aurora they found their spots to observe this spectacular event.  They were kind and generous and everyone was friendly.  It was such a great day.  Thanks to all who came, not only shared of their self but who invited you to share of what they had brought to enhance their experience.  One gentleman from Utah invited people to view thru his telescope the changing surface of the sun even before the moon had begun to cover or as my son, Bryan said Pac-Man eating it.   Glasses!!  People who had gotten extra solar eclipse glass for viewing were handing them out to visitors who did not have glasses.  Watching the event was fabulous, but listing and talking to people you ddn’t even know but were all drawn to our little town to view this extradoriany event was outstanding.

The following pictures were taken when the moon was covering the sun and how Aurora looked when it was totally covered and in the veil.  For just a short time, the street lights came on.  It was the most amazing event, people cried, people shouted and clapped.  It was beautiful. 




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