Lamps, Lamps, Lamps with Original Fiberglass Shades In Outstanding Condition at Timeless

For those new home buyers that have purchased that ranch style homes that were built in the mid century period and are looking for cool, unusual real authentic mid century lighting that were used in the décor of that time period , such as lamps with the original shades, pole lamps or swag lamps come to Timeless Antiques in Aurora, Oregon.  Barbara hunts hard for that unique special period piece that will make your home light up and be perfect.  Besides uniqueness, condition and authentic is at the top of her requirements of her lighting items that will be featured at her shop.    With all the choices that our buyers will have, they are going to have a great time choosing and decorating that special area in their mid century home with just the look that they have been hunting for.

We have a large selection of single table lamps.   Customers are amazed at the selection of choices that are available for them to purchase.  .We have at least fifty different  single lamps of a variety of styles with original fiberglass shades.  All work perfectly.  Some of three ways while others are single switch. Many of the single lamps are in  popular colors of that time frame such as; pink, turquoise, black, green, gold-yellow, teal.  These lamps would look lovely in any room of your house.  Most are pottery bases with very art deco or atomic looks.  We even have a Blenko glass lamp bases with the fiberglass shades.

However, we are really known for having pairs of table lamps with matching fiberglass shades.    We have twenty pairs of matching lamps with matching fiberglass shades.   Many of our table pairs have matching cloth or fiberglass shades that are one tier, two tier or three even.         All original in excellent condition and working.   We have some figural lamps, vanity lamps, and desk style lamps.    We have lamps that have the turn on/off switch connected on the lamp post.   By turning the switch on the lamp post the lamp lights up.  We have really cool set that is on the tiki bar that we have for sale in our store.  This set of lamps can hold high ball tumblers in the glass holder selection. The double twist arms are moveable so that the lamps can be moved to whatever position works well on the bar.  They are quite an eye catcher.


  We have a great selection of original different styles of  floor lamps from teak to atomic styles with ceramic bases that were found in homes of that era.  Most have original fiberglass shades.  Some are Lucite with fiberglass.

  Finally, in our selection we have two sets that have a pair of table lamps with a floor lamp that matches with original matching fiberglass shades.  In the picture above this written caption actually has two table lamps that match the floor lamp.   These are very hard to find.  One set is so unique with their turquoise shade with metal stars on the shades and matching glass bases that light up along with the tops.  REALLY COOL!!!




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