Timeless Features Unique and Useful Items for Your Mid Century Theme Holiday Party Get Together

Timeless is all decorated for the Holidays and around the store you will find unique and useful Mid Century Modern barware and glass accessory items that can be used during your holiday parties. We specialize in an unbelieveable array of spectacular glassware in all colors, styles, ages and brands. During the 50’s and 60’s our parents were very social with their card parties, barbeques, social get together and the hostess as the party planner had to make sure that everything was easy, fun and that they had the correct bar ware for that formal or non formal presentation.    There would be chip and dip sets of all style from a variety maker that were charming. Trays and dishes to displays your favorite horderves. Barware were in carriers such as Dorothy Thorpe who loved platinum and sterling finishes to her glassware, George Bri’ard, Culver, LTD or Libbey Glass Company.  Glass companies made glassware that matched a particular drink, such as Tom Collins, Pilsners, Old Fashioned, brandy inhaler, specific cocktail glasses with matching cocktail pitcher and glass stirrer.    Cocktail shakers with outstanding graphics and drink recipes on them.   Bar Carts to make it easy to serve and be practical.

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