Autumn in Aurora Table Top Hop with The Little Nibble October 7th

Aurora Merchants have decorated their stores with their annual table top hop event ideas for vintage style entertaining thru the month of October.  Each shops has set up an area featuring their vintage merchandize to help customer create new ideas of decorating for the fall and holiday in a vintage style.

On October 7th we will be having our Little Nibble of Aurora.  On this Saturday, each shop will have a sample recipe made up  that they’ve chosen to go with their table-top theme for our customers to add to their recipe collection.

At Timeless Antiques, Barbara has set up her store to featuring  a Mid Century cocktail Party.  She has chosen to have Hot Artichoke Dip with crackers or chips available to sample as you walk around looking at her mid century furnishings with barware and hors d’oeuvre serving pieces that would be fun to include in your fall and holiday get to-gethers.   Recipe for the Hot Artichoke Dip will be available to pick up.

Lamps, Lamps, Lamps with Original Fiberglass Shades In Outstanding Condition at Timeless

For those new home buyers that have purchased that ranch style homes that were built in the mid century period and are looking for cool, unusual real authentic mid century lighting that were used in the décor of that time period , such as lamps with the original shades, pole lamps or swag lamps come to Timeless Antiques in Aurora, Oregon.  Barbara hunts hard for that unique special period piece that will make your home light up and be perfect.  Besides uniqueness, condition and authentic is at the top of her requirements of her lighting items that will be featured at her shop.    With all the choices that our buyers will have, they are going to have a great time choosing and decorating that special area in their mid century home with just the look that they have been hunting for.

We have a large selection of single table lamps.   Customers are amazed at the selection of choices that are available for them to purchase.  .We have at least fifty different  single lamps of a variety of styles with original fiberglass shades.  All work perfectly.  Some of three ways while others are single switch. Many of the single lamps are in  popular colors of that time frame such as; pink, turquoise, black, green, gold-yellow, teal.  These lamps would look lovely in any room of your house.  Most are pottery bases with very art deco or atomic looks.  We even have a Blenko glass lamp bases with the fiberglass shades.

However, we are really known for having pairs of table lamps with matching fiberglass shades.    We have twenty pairs of matching lamps with matching fiberglass shades.   Many of our table pairs have matching cloth or fiberglass shades that are one tier, two tier or three even.         All original in excellent condition and working.   We have some figural lamps, vanity lamps, and desk style lamps.    We have lamps that have the turn on/off switch connected on the lamp post.   By turning the switch on the lamp post the lamp lights up.  We have really cool set that is on the tiki bar that we have for sale in our store.  This set of lamps can hold high ball tumblers in the glass holder selection. The double twist arms are moveable so that the lamps can be moved to whatever position works well on the bar.  They are quite an eye catcher.


  We have a great selection of original different styles of  floor lamps from teak to atomic styles with ceramic bases that were found in homes of that era.  Most have original fiberglass shades.  Some are Lucite with fiberglass.

  Finally, in our selection we have two sets that have a pair of table lamps with a floor lamp that matches with original matching fiberglass shades.  In the picture above this written caption actually has two table lamps that match the floor lamp.   These are very hard to find.  One set is so unique with their turquoise shade with metal stars on the shades and matching glass bases that light up along with the tops.  REALLY COOL!!!




Follow up on 8-21-2017 Solar Eclipse in Aurora, Oregon at Timeless Antiques

The day was gorgeous and the people were energized. We were in the band and people were coming from everywhere.   People began arriving before 6 in the morning and as they either biked or drove into Aurora they found their spots to observe this spectacular event.  They were kind and generous and everyone was friendly.  It was such a great day.  Thanks to all who came, not only shared of their self but who invited you to share of what they had brought to enhance their experience.  One gentleman from Utah invited people to view thru his telescope the changing surface of the sun even before the moon had begun to cover or as my son, Bryan said Pac-Man eating it.   Glasses!!  People who had gotten extra solar eclipse glass for viewing were handing them out to visitors who did not have glasses.  Watching the event was fabulous, but listing and talking to people you ddn’t even know but were all drawn to our little town to view this extradoriany event was outstanding.

The following pictures were taken when the moon was covering the sun and how Aurora looked when it was totally covered and in the veil.  For just a short time, the street lights came on.  It was the most amazing event, people cried, people shouted and clapped.  It was beautiful. 




New Mid Century Modern Arrival Items are being Featured at Timeless Antiques

The big Christine Palmer Expo Antique Show here in Portland has come and gone and now new Mid Century Modern furniture, lamps, barware, and accessories have arrived at Timeless Antiques and the store has been re arranged with all the new pieces to be featured in groupings.

One of the coolest new items to arrive is the Dyna Flame Fire Place-Heater that has a wall mount bracket so that it can be hung on your wall.  It has a motion light behind the fake logs that look as if the logs are on fire.   The off and on switch is on the left side of the piece and on the opposite side is a switch for turning on the heater.  This fire place has 6 different heating positions for putting warmth out of it.  It has a fire place screen around the box and looks just like the real thing.

 A New re-upholstered turquoise sectional has arrived on display .   Around the sectional are the Heywood Wakefield  M1502G End Table with shelf that was produced from 1957-1966.  The matching cocktail table is M1501 G is in front of the sectional.  The Heywood M 938 G corner table joins the sectional together at the corner.  We have added to our Heywood Wakefield grouping this rare and hard to find tambour utility cabinet   M 179 that was produced from 1950 to 1954.  It is fitted with adjustable shelf and the inside is roomy enough for small radio, record player, and records or used as a bar. We are also featuring this great nesting table group by Heywood.  It was made from 1949-1953.  A great selection of new mid century lamp have arrived at Timeless.  In the floor lamp category, we have on display this wonderful teak floor lamp with a fiberglass shade.  A three flower Lucite fiberglass lamp shades floor lamp. One flower is golden color, one is green, and one is charteuse with teak leaves.  We are featuring a pair of fiberglass circular upright orange globes shades with teak leaves.  

Barbara found this unique table lamp with three circular fiberglass globe shades made in the style of white spaghetti with orange swirl line going around the entire outside of the shades.  The lamp has three teak leaves and is a torche’ upright lamp.

This pair of fabulous dual fiberglass shades lamps with inset ashtrays has a real neat deco style.  The rods that the light sockets are attached to and holds the shades are moveable and can be moves to different angles depending on where you want the light to focus on.  Besides great furniture and lamp being added to the selection of mid century modern home décor, 

Barbara has hunted hard for some great new barware.  We have two utility turquoise bar carts.  One is portable and folds up while the other is a stationary piece.  On our Heywood Wakefield  Service utility wagon table/cart with fitted ball-bearing caster wheels is a great grouping of Dorothy Thorpe platinum barware in carriers.  We have a wine carafe with 6 wine glasses on a swirled chrome carrier.  A circular old fashioned tumbler carrier with matching ice bucket and tong on chrome carrier.   Several styles of ice bucket with matching tumblers in chrome carrier.  One of the really unique barware item that is being

featured at Timeless is a patio glass carrier that stands upright for carrying outside and holds 12 platinum emblossed tumblers with a matching ice bucket that the carrier has a marked selection for the ice bucket to be held in place while being moved.

Timeless Features Restored Upholstery Chairs, and Furniture Done by Barbara

Besides our wonderful displays of Heywood Wakefield furniture and vintage Danish teak furniture, Timeless Antiques features a large selection of re-upholstered restored furniture in their mid century modern groupings.   Barbara does her own re-upholstering and purchases furniture that are badly in needed restoration.  As long as the inside are in excellent condition, she does not care what the outsides may look like because she can visualize what it can look like restored .  Barbara has been working on a Mr. and Mrs. Chairs with foot stool that have teak bottom and legs.  The Mrs. chair and foot stood have been completed with new fabrics while the Mr. Chair is in taken apart condition and getting ready to be put back to a matching condition.

At Timeless, we have featured a Norwegian Stressless Recliner with ottoman that was original in brown wide whale corduroy but now has been restored in a black and white décor ring style fabric.  The chrome frame has been polished and brought back to its shininess.     Several of the reupholstered chairs are the swivel style.    This chair not only swivels, but it is a rocker.     We have a fun chrome loveseat bench and matching chair that was vinyl when it was purchased.  The chrome was all polished up to shine and the vinyl was replaced with upholstery fabric and then piping and decorative tacks where used to give it a more stylish look.   




New Selection of MCM Heywood-Wakefield Furniture Is Being Featured at Timeless

Heywood-Wakefield’s Modern Line that was produced from the 1940’s to early 1960’s was made of birch and the most common finishes were either Wheat or Champagne.   It is fairly easy to identify, if not by their distinctive styling but also by pieces that might have their original labels, stamp markings, date stamps, or color finish styling number that were placed upon the pieces at the time of production.Timeless Antiques has a nice selection of side tables, corner tables and cocktail tables for the livingroom.  Most of our pieces are in the champagne finish.   The set below was produced from, 1956 to 1958.  The cocktail table M1580 G has sculpted guardrails to prevent cocktails from falling over the edge.  The side tables M 1584 G has the same guardrails on the top shelf of the two tier pieces.  They remind me of fins which of course was vey popular at the time on cars produced by the big car makers  Chevy, Ford, Oldsmobile, Pontiac .

Below is a pair of two tier side table in model M 308 G with their classic spider legs.Most of the side tables were two tier however, Heywood-Wakefield designed a three tier table C3753G in the surfboard style with a bottom shelf that had built in bookends which was very popular and still is to today’s consumer.
Available is two different styles of 2 tier Corner Tables  CM970G and M338 G.
An extremely popular cocktail table was the M1576G round table that has the Heywood-Wakefield signature spider legs with a revolving top. It was made from 1956 to 1961.

Timeless Antiques has the Rio Bedroom set available with a pair of twin beds that put together can be made into a king size bed.  Pair of night stands and the Rio Dresser C791-795 with a round mirror.  Designer was Leo Jiranek  A round mirror was very uncommon above a Heywood dresser.  This set was produced from 1943 to 1944.


Heywood-Wakefield dining rooms offered a great range of possibilities.   Drop leaf style tables and extension tables gave the consumer flexibility within choosing what would look right in their dining room area.    Their tables were made to expand for different situations.  Credenzas, buffets and servers were sold with or without china tops to allow the consumer to choose what style would compliment their table and chair selection. 

At Timeless, we try to carry a large selection of different styles that would enhance your dining room area.    We have 3 tables with chairs in our show room, but have eight more that can be made ready to feature.   At this time, we have the large extension table C4154 G which is fitted with two leaves and six upholstery chairs (4 side chairs M157 A and two side arm chairs M157 C).   Then we have the Junior Extension Table M1569 G which only were sold with one leaf .  The Junior tables were made for the consumer who wanted a smaller dining room table that would hold four chairs nicely around it but could extend out one more leaf to have 6 sit comfortably.    Around the Junior Table are a set of 6 chairs.  Two have side arm chair M157C and 4 M152A Side Chairs with matching upholstery.  We have a smaller table that Heywood named their Gaming Dining Table M787 G.  This was made from 1952 -53 and the sides drop down and extends to 88″ with four 12″ leaves inserted.  This table has a center leg for support when it is extended out to it fullest.  Six upholstered chairs with original fabric are placed around this table.  (two side arms and four side chairs).    We  have the M 592 Buffet that has 3-drawers and fitted with two adjustable shelves in each cabinet compartment.  In the original champagne finish, Timeless has the China top on Server M175 on M590.  this was Heywood-Wakefield’s most heavily produced item.  It allows the display of china while occupying only 34″ of floor space.    Heywood made a very unique Drop Leaf Service Cart M394G from 1951-1952.  It was useful for serving cocktails or deserts, but because of it’s uniqueness it also made an excellent breakfast table for an eat-in kitchen when the sides were raised and placed stationary.

Heywood-Wakefield did not specifically make furniture for particular rooms , but made accessory items that rounded out the Modern Line and could be used in the office or work area.   One of the successful pieces was the M 783W Student Desk that was a useful design that accommodated the usage of a bookcase on one side.    It was finished all the way around so that it could be up against a wall or in the middle of the room.  The set that is available at Timeless has the original finish and has the M 1561 A Side Chair.  Barbara put new upholstery fabric on the chair seat as the original was stained but the wood is still in the original finish.